Professor Helen Walkington BSc, MSc, PhD, PGCE, FRGS, NTF


Helen Walkington is Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Social Sciences. She teaches Geography, carries out research into higher education pedagogy and manages a university-wide student experience project called Get Published! She has been a National Teaching Fellow since 2009 and one of the first people in the UK to be made a Principal Fellow of The Higher Education Academy in 2012. Helen is an experienced presenter of educational workshops and seminars and has given numerous international conference keynote speeches on linking teaching and research and a ‘students as researchers’ pedagogy.  Helen has published widely on pedagogy. She has worked as an advisor to universities, examination boards, The Higher Education Academy and Quality Assurance Agency on aspects of teaching and learning. Helen has established numerous undergraduate research conferences and journals and has been a steering group member of the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR) since its inception in 2010. She is Co-Chair of the Society for Research in Higher Education’s Academic Practice Network, co-chair of  the International Network for Learning and Teaching (INLT), co-editor of the International desk for the American journal Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research, editor of the journal GEOverse and an active editorial board member of the Journal of Geography in Higher Education.



  • Module leader - Environmental Hazard Management (Level 5)
  • Module leader - Conservation and Heritage Management (Level 5)
  • Module leader - Independent study in Geography (Level 6)

Contributor to:

  • The Oxford Region (Level 4)
  • Introduction to Environmental Geography  (Level 4)
  • Geographical Enquiry and Field Research  (Level 5)
  • Geography Research and Practice  (Level 5)
  • Dissertation (Level 6)

Postgraduate and research degrees

  • I have supervised 3 doctoral students to completion and currently supervise a student investigating the energy curriculum in Arctic countries.


I have a variety of research interests which include-

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education:

  • Excellence in mentoring undergraduate research (in collaboration with colleagues at Duke University, Elon University, Bridgewater State University and Roanoke College, USA)
  • Students as researchers pedagogy
  • Undergraduate research dissemination (in collaboration with colleagues at University of the West of England and Plymouth University)
  • Capability theory in the Higher Education curriculum (in collaboration with colleagues at University of East Anglia and Exeter University)

Evidence based environmental management:

  • Marley Fen, Wytham Woods (peat core analysis in collaboration with colleagues at Oxford University)



  • Keynotes:

    Opening Keynote- Society for Research in Higher Education Newer Researchers Conference Knowledge creation - a dialogic approach: the power of networks and networking, mentors and mentoring. 6/12/2016, Celtic Manor, Wales.

    Opening Keynote - Strategies for engaging students in research and dissemination, Leiden University CEL conference and innovation room, The Netherlands 10/11/2016 (delegates from across The Netherlands).

    Opening Keynote - International Perspectives on Research based teaching and learningCarl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany 10/06/2016 (delegates coming from all universities in Germany)

    Opening Keynote ‘Developing Students as Researchers’ National Forum for the enhancement of Teaching and Learning, Ireland. Ulster University Belfast Campus, Northern Ireland 08/05/2015

    Opening Keynote ‘Students as partners in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning’ Teaching and Scholarship Forum University of Newcastle  04/03/2015

    Opening Keynote Galway University Learning and Teaching Annual Conference, Galway, Eire 06/06/2014

    Opening Keynote ‘The STEM Student Journey: Students as researchers’ The HEA STEM Annual Conference Edinburgh, Scotland 30/04/2014

    Plenary Keynote ‘Get Published!’  British Conference on Undergraduate Research 2014, University of Nottingham 15/04/2014

    Opening Keynote ‘Learning spaces within and beyond the curriculum’ Oxford Brookes University Learning and Teaching Annual Conference 2014. Oxford 01/04/2014

    Opening Keynote ‘Students as partners in learning: undergraduate student engagement through linking teaching and research’ University of Roehampton 10th Annual Learning and Teaching Conference, Roehampton.23/04/2013

    Opening keynote ‘Embedding research skills early in the undergraduate curriculum: Strategies for enhancing learning.’ Innovative Energy Teaching Conference, Royal Geographical Society with Institute of British Geographers, London. 13/03/2013

    Plenary Keynote ‘Mapping the student journey – disseminating undergraduate research within and beyond the curriculum.’ Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) annual Conference, Queen Hotel, Chester.18/05/2012

    Opening Keynote‘Research-Teaching Links.’ National Conference of the Wales Alliance on the research teaching nexus, Gregynog Hall, Wales.13/09/2012


  • International conferences:

    Kneale, P., Edwards-Jones, A., Walkington, H and Hill, J. 2015. ‘Using the researcher development framework to map student skills gained from transformative undergraduate research conference experiences’. 4th International Seminar on Researching and evaluating PDP and ePortfolio. University of Plymouth 16/04/2015 [paper]

    Solem, M. and Walkington, H. Society for Research in Higher Education Annual International Conference, Cardiff, Wales 2014 [paper]

    Walkington, H. ‘Theoretical frameworks to conceptualise student-teacher relationships in the co-production of geographical knowledge: Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference August 2014 [paper]

    Walkington, H., Hill, J., Diaz, A. Practical and ethical approaches to working with student researchers Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference August 2013 [paper]

    Walkington, H. and Luck, M. 2014. Enhancing the student learning experience through undergraduate research dissemination – a framework for staff and students [Paper] HEA STEM annual conference  Edinburgh, Scotland 29 April 2014

    Hill, J., Walkington, H. Graduate attributes in Higher Education geography, context, nature, supporting pedagogies. Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference August 2013 [paper]

    Walkington, H., Hill, J. ‘Students as experts’: developing graduate attributes through research dissemination outside the curriculum. Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference August 2013 [paper]

    Invited panelist: Walkington, H. ‘Educating RITA: Research informed teaching and assessment in geography’ Panel session 60 – Developing Graduate attributes (3) sub disciplinary pedagogies. Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference August 2013 [panel]

    Workshop leader: panel session 2255 – Writing successfully for learning and teaching journals. Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference August 2013 [workshop]

    Hill, J., Walkington, H. Graduate attributes in HE geography, context, nature, supporting pedagogies. Association of American Geographers Annual Conference LA, USA April 2013 [paper]

    Walkington, H.,. Hill, J. Graduate attributes in the co-curriculum. Mapping the impact of undergraduate research dissemination. Association of American Geographers Annual Conference LA, USA April 2013 [paper]

    Invited panelist: panel session 2255 – Writing successfully for the Journal of Geography in Higher Education Association of American Geographers Annual Conference LA, USA April 2013 [panel]

    Hill, J., Walkington, H. 2012. ‘One step closer to the real world’: engaging students in authentic research dissemination beyond the curriculum ISSOTL conference Hamilton, Ontario, Canada [paper] 27/10/12

    Walkington, H. 2012. ‘Gaining recognition as a researcher: A ladder of student participation in disseminating undergraduate research’ CUR pre ISSOTL workshop on undergraduate research [poster] 24/10/12

    Walkington, H., Hill, J. Beyond the curriculum: Engaging students in authentic research settings.RGS Annual International Conference Edinburgh July 2012 [paper]

    Invited panel speaker: ‘Fieldwork - renewing a tradition’ RGS Annual International Conference Edinburgh July 2012

    Walkington, H., Hill, J. 2012. ‘Snakes and a ladder: student participation in the research process’ AAG annual conference [paper]

    Walkington, H.  ‘Embedding Research Skills in the Pre-Honours Undergraduate Geography Curriculum’ (with  Derek France) at the United States Council on Undergraduate Research Pre-ISSOTL Seminar, Liverpool, UK, 19 October 2010.  International perspectives on undergraduate research and inquiry: a scholarly discussion [Poster]

    Walkington, H. 2010 ‘Collaborative learning space: the case of online undergraduate research journals’ Association of American Geographers (AAG) Conference 17/4/10 [Paper]

    Boulter, C. J., Buckley, B., Walkington, H. (2001) Model Based Teaching and Learning during Ecologial Inquiry 12 pages Annual Meeting of the American Education Research Association (Seattle, WA April 10-14 2001) [paper]

    Walkington, H., Boulter, C. J. 2000 ‘Students’ evolving understanding of soils and ecology.’ British Education Research Association (BERA) Conference, Cardiff. [paper]

    Walkington, H., Wilkins, C. 1999 ‘Education for Critical Citizenship: The impact of teachers’ world view on classroom practice.’ European Conference for Educational Research (ECER) 1999 Lahti, Finland. [paper]


2016 - External Examiner for Exeter Univeristy (BSc Geography)

2015 - External reviewer for University of Hull revalidation of Geography programmes

2014 - OCR Reviewer for Oxford and Cambridge and Republic of South Africa Exam board for A and AS Level Geography

2013 - External Reviewer, University of Wales Trinity St David, Swansea, Wales (Validation of the Environmental portfolio)

2013 - QAA Subject Benchmark Statement Geography Review Group

2012-16 - External Examiner, Southampton Solent University. Geography with Environmental Studies and Geography with Marine Studies degrees

2012 - Member of OCR consultative forum (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA examinations,   A Level consultations)

2011-  HEA reviewer for Teaching development grants, Doctoral and International scholarship schemes

2011 - Reviewer for the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme

2011 - External Reviewer, Coventry University (Geography programmes)

2010 - External Reviewer, Coventry University for periodic review of Geography portfolio

2004-12 - Consultant at Oxford University Department for Continuing Education



2012            Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

2009            Nominee - Times Higher Education Award (Supporting students category)

2009            National Teaching Fellow

2007 -Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

2007 Reinvention Centre Fellow (University of Warwick and Oxford Brookes CETL)

2006 University Teaching Fellowship, Oxford Brookes University


Committee membership

2013 –       International liaison committee member of the Higher Education Research Group (HERG) of the Royal Geographical Society with Institute of British Geographers

2013 - Trustee - The Frederick Soddy Trust The Trust provides fieldwork grants for students carrying out human geography research.

2012 -Committee member of the Higher Education Network (HEN) of the Geological Society

2012 -Committee member of Institution of Environmental Sciences

2010 -Steering Group member - British Conference on Undergraduate Research (BCUR)

2010 -Co-Chair of INLT (International Network of Learning and Teaching in Geography in Higher Education)

2009 -Committee member – HERG Higher Education Research Group RGS- IBG


Editorial and journal review work

Reviewer for Quaternary International, Journal of Archaeological Science, Journal of Quaternary Science,  Higher Education Research and Development, Teaching and Learning Inquiry, Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly International, Journal of Geography in Higher Education


2010 -          International Editorial Board member: Reinvention a journal of undergraduate research

2008 - Editorial Board: Journal of Geography in Higher Education

2007 - Editorial Board: BeJLT Brookes e-journal of Learning and Teaching

2007-10       Subject Editor: Reinvention a journal of undergraduate research

2006 - Founder and editor: Geoverse The national undergraduate research journal for Geography

2006 - Founder and editor: Geoversity Brookes undergraduate geography research journal

1998–01      Editorial Advisory Board: The Development Education Journal



2014 - ‘The Fen’ episode 5 of The Laboratory with Leaves - shown in the Oxford University Natural History Museum. Available from

2011 - ‘Assessment and feedback,’ ‘supervising undergraduate research’ and ‘Research ethics’ - Video vignettes for Epigeum (an educational consultancy) for staff new to teaching in the US and UK.

1999 - BBC TV programme Rocks and Soils in the series Pod's mission.



  • Books
  • Journal articles
  • Book chapters


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Walkington, H.  1999. Theory into Practice: Global Citizenship Education.  Sheffield: Geographical Association ISBN 978-1-899085-74-3

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Book chapters

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