Professor Tina Miller BA, MSc, PhD

Professor of Sociology


  • U26120 'Researching the Social World'
  • U26171 'Sociology of Health and Illness
  • U26199 Undergraduate dissertation supervision
  • MSc in Cancer Studies



Research Students

Tina is currently supervising PhD students who are working in the following areas:

  • Equality duty and lone mother experiences
  • Gendering international security: deconstructing the gendered narratives of international security institutions

Tina Miller is a Professor of Sociology. Her research and teaching interests include motherhood and fatherhood transitions, constructions of gender and identities, masculinities, reproductive health, narratives, qualitative research methods and ethics and she has published in these areas. Tina has lived and worked in the Solomon Islands and Bangladesh as well as Oxford and has a particular interest in cultural dimensions and the situated nature of everyday experiences. Tina has been engaged as an expert advisor by the World Health Organisation (Geneva), think tanks and political parties in the UK and presented her work at UNICEF headquarters (New York) as well as in Australia, India and Argentina. She regularly participates in TV and radio programmes in relation to her research and publications on motherhood and fatherhood and was recently selected from over 2000 entrants to attend the BBC's inaugural training scheme for female experts.

Tina has recently completed a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship focusing on the topic of 'Managing modern family lives: public understandings and everyday practises of caring and paid work'. Her CUP monongraph based on her findings will be published late 2016.



  • Books
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Journal articles

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Book chapters

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