Dr Sam Smith

Senior Lecturer in Anthropology



Module Leader for:

  • U20103 Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology
  • U21185 Dawn of Civilisation


Sam is an archaeologist who specialises in the study of the Terminal Pleistocene and Early Holocene archaeology of South West Asia, with a focus on the origin and development of sedentary, food producing societies in the region. Sam is an expert in the study of chipped stone tools and his work includes typological, technological and use wear analysis of stone tool assemblages from many regions and periods. Sam also works closely with geographers, hydrologists and meteorologists to develop multi disciplinary approaches to the study of human-climate interactions in semi arid regions. As an experienced field archaeologist Sam has worked on sites in many areas of the world including the UK, Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa.


  • Journal articles
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Journal articles

  • Brayshaw, D.J., Rambeau, C.M.C. & Smith, S.J. 2011. Changes in the Mediterranean climate over the Holocene: Insights from global and regional climate modelling. The Holocene 21. 15-31.
  • Finlayson, B., Mithen, S., Najjar, M., Smith, S., Maricevic, D., Pankhurst, N. & Yeomans, L. 2011. Architecture, sedentism and social complexity at Pre-Pottery Neolithic A WF16, Southern Jordan. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1017642108
  • Mithen, S.J., Finlayson, B., Smith, S., Jenkins, E., Najjar, M., MariÄćević, D. 2011. An 11,600 year-old communal structure from the Neolithic of southern Jordan. Antiquity 85. 350-364.
  • Smith, S., Wade, A., Black, E., Brayshaw, D., Rambeau, C. & Mithen, S. 2011. From global climate change to local impact in Wadi Faynan, southern Jordan: ten millennia of human settlement in its hydrological context. In Mithen, S & Black, E. (eds) Water, Life & Civilisation: Climate, environment and society in the Jordan Valley. International Hydrology Series. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge p218-244.