Society, Security, and the State

DTP Global Politics, Economy and Society, Graduate Conference 2011

8–9 September 2011

The Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) – Global Politics, Economy and Society 2011 Graduate Conference will be held at the School of Social Science and Law at Oxford Brookes University on 8–9 September.

The theme of the conference is Society, Security and the State and will concern itself with theoretical and empirical investigations of all three contested notions. Energy crises, political and social upheaval, the changing nature of security – social, domestic and international – dominate the contemporary international system. These events, coupled with a dominance of ideologies, are contributing to the erosion of traditional support structures, increased destabilisation and the reorganisation of socio-political structures within states and on a regional and international level. It is the interaction of these events and the effects upon the citizen, phenomena such as identity formation and notions of security that we hope to get to the heart of.

We welcome the submission of all papers that engage with this topic area. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Theoretical Approaches to Conceptions of State, Security and Society
  • The Contemporary State/Citizen Relationship
  • Discourses of Security
  • Political Identity and Social Movements
  • Society, Security and State interactions with Identity Formation: Gender, Sexuality, Race, Ethnicity and Class