Global Politics, Economy and Society

An inter-disciplinary research centre with a remit to encourage reflection on and investigation into social transformations of global scope which are impacting upon the world today.

The Centre provides a forum for scholars to collaborate and explore such phenomena through theory construction and empirical investigation. The Centre’s commitment to inter-disciplinarity offers its members and affiliates excellent opportunities for contacts and networking, as well as a venue for collective reflection. Its thematic and inclusive goals permit intellectual interests that are not always accommodated in single disciplines to find a platform. The Centre is committed to the dissemination of high quality research to a wide audience, which includes the academy, policy makers, business and civil society.

We seek to provide a lively intellectual environment for our members and sponsor a varied programme of events including workshops, symposia, conferences and talks from visiting academics. The core activity of the centre is to host a series of weekly research seminars, which take place on Mondays throughout the academic year.

Bits and Blogs

Research discussion from the Centre for Global Politics, Economy and Society